God Gave me a New Reason to Sing - "Sinner Saved By Grace"

Lee Larson
                Sings songs of the heart


Lee makes his home in Salem, Oregon with his wife Erma.  Together they tour the country gladly sharing the Gospel through inspirational music and their testimony.

Lee began singing a new song in 1972 when Jesus changed his life forever.  He now travels the country praising God and telling of His goodness to audiences far and wide.   Music provides the opportunity to witness in a powerful way as he recounts his life struggles and shares how God made all the difference in his life, in his family and in his career. 

 Lee grew up 9th in a family of 12.  His father left the family when he was only 5.   He struggled with who he was and what he would do with his life for years until he met Jesus.  Married and a father of four, driven by his career and everyday cares, his life was eventually in shambles, to the point of depression, family abuse and the brink of suicide.

 Music was an important part of Lee’s early life, singing country and pop.   He sang for a while in the church choir, but eventually drifted away.

 Music took on a whole new meaning once Lee met Jesus.  Ever since, he never tires of sharing his continuing life story, praising God through music, sharing his tragedies to triumphs through the power of Christ in his life. 

 You will enjoy his inspiring story and be blessed as he takes you to Jesus through his powerful testimony and songs.   In everything Lee, does, he seeks to encourage his audience to know Jesus better.

 Lee’s community service has included Little League coach, Jaycee, Rotarian, Auxiliary Police officer, and Pastoring a variety of congregations around the country.

"His music comes from the heart and not only do you hear the words, but you  feel the words and it feeds your soul."


To book a concert or order CD’s

L. Lee Larson
612 Wagon Road Drive SE
Salem, OR 97317